Accounting services for companies

Keeping accounting records and preparing financial statements constitute a considerable challenge for companies. These activities require specialised accounting knowledge and proper understanding of the applicable legislation. Accounting outsourcing can be of great help in this respect. Therefore, this solution is becoming increasingly popular among companies. The cooperation with an external partner guarantees access to both continuously broadened expertise in accounting, bookkeeping and taxation as well as technological solutions – without the need to purchase them.

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What do accounting services entail?

You can outsource your accounting services to us. We will comprehensively handle all your accounting processes – from the entry of documents, through their electronic circulation and approval (workflow), to full financial and tax reporting.


We specialise in handling high volumes and large-scale processes. Our accounting specialists use modern solutions, such as digitisation, automation, robotisation and OCR (optical character recognition), and work in line with proven market practices.


We offer two flexible models of cooperation that respond to your company’s needs. The choice of the service delivery model depends on your expectations, the processes that require support and the volumes covered by a given accounting process. We perform the service using the internal system (Impuls) or your company’s system.

Our clients:

klienci usług księgowych

Full outsourcing of the accounting service

  • complete takeover of accounting tasks;
  • provision of the service based on the Impuls EVO system or your company’s system;
  • comprehensive closing of each settlement period;

    • performance of accounting services on the basis of an SLA/OLA;
    • bookkeeping in accordance with the Accounting Act or the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the company’s accounting policy;
    • electronic document archive within the accounting system;
    • continuous updating of processes in response to changing regulations (e.g. the introduction of the National System of e-Invoices);
    • preparation of financial reports on a monthly (Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet) and quarterly (CF) basis;
    • generation of tailor-made management reports;
    • calculation and preparation of the CIT-8 and CIT-10R statements;
    • preparation of the JPK_VAT and VAT-UE statements and notifications as well as the VAT-R registration declaration;
    • filing of the NIP-8 tax identification application or data update form;
    • handling of reports submitted to Statistics Poland (GUS) (F-01/I-01, DG-1, RF-01, SP-01) and the NBP as well as Intrastat declarations;
    • handling of fiscal audits and annual financial statement audits;
    • training of new employees in relation to cooperation;
  • financial reporting;
  • management reporting;
  • the possibility to cooperate with tax advisors and automation/robotisation specialists;
  • accounting supervision over the entire service;
  • accounting and tax consultancy;
  • performance of tasks in accordance with an agreed schedule;
  • support from operational and business coordinators;

Outsourcing of a selected accounting process

  • implementation of one or more processes – according to the concluded agreement;
  • provision of the service based on your company’s system;
  • closing of the contracted settlement period;
  • accounting supervision over the performed processes;
  • performance of tasks in accordance with an agreed schedule;
  • support from an operational coordinator with assistance from a business coordinator.

What types of accounting processes do we handle?


  • OCR of documents;
  • processing of cost documents in Workflow;
  • booking of domestic and foreign cost documents;
  • analysis of settlements with contractors;
  • generation of bank payment plans;
  • prepayments and accruals.


  • booking of revenue documents;
  • booking of bank statements;
  • reconciliation of accounts, set-offs;
  • analysis of settlements with contractors;
  • confirmation of balances of customers and suppliers.


  • payroll posting;
  • settlement of employee benefits;
  • settlement of business trips;
  • analysis of public-law settlements;
  • analysis of settlements with employees.


  • management of price lists and discount policy;
  • handling of contracts, offers and demand as well as orders from suppliers and customers;
  • management of the sales process – invoicing (incl. sales invoices, accounting notes), sending of e-invoices with attachments, issue of pro forma invoices;
  • handling of acceptance reports.


  • handling of matters relating to inventory movements (issuing and booking warehouse documentation), stock values and inventory location;
  • inventory management;
  • packaging management;
  • handling of write-downs;
  • analysis and reports concerning stock levels, indexes.


  • automatic generation of declarations on the basis of documents entered into the system (e.g. sales invoices, warehouse documents, incl. GRNs);
  • generation of blank declarations in order to import data from external sources;
  • recording of prepared declarations;
  • handling of matters related to CN codes, transaction types, transport and delivery conditions.


  • creation of fixed asset records;
  • recording of asset turnover (incl. documents such as OT [Fixed Asset Acquisition], PT+ [Fixed Asset Transfer], LT+ and LT- [Fixed Asset Liquidation], PK [Posting Order] and MT [Change of Fixed Asset Usage Location]);
  • handling of tax and balance sheet depreciation with the use of various methods, development of a depreciation plan (in any layout);
  • management of financial resources from various sources (own, external, grants, etc.);
  • inventory management;
  • analysis and reports regarding assets.

Kto korzysta z usług kadrowo – płacowych?

usługi kadrowe klienci

Your benefits:

Case study

wyzwania klientaChallenges faced by a client from the service industry:


  • high labour intensity of tasks (traditional service model);
  • shortage of accounting specialists;
  • lack of technological solutions that meet market requirements and can be used to improve processes;
  • large number of unplanned tasks;
  • increasing volumes of documents.

ikona rozwiązanieSolutions:


  • the use of technology to reduce the time required to handle processes;
  • outsourcing of accounting services;
  • streamlining of processes through the implementation of tools (digitisation, OCR, RPA);
  • planning and scheduling of activities;
  • determination of KPIs and SLAs as well as reporting in regard to the end-of-day balance and turnover.

korzysci klientaBenefits for the client:


  • posting even within 1 day – up to 3 days;
  • unlocking the potential of employees to perform other tasks;
  • reduction in the number of accounting errors and a decrease in the number of complaints (to 0.01%);
  • timely settlements and reduction of interest rate risk;
  • full knowledge in terms of the company’s cash flows and finances.



What makes us stand out?

  • High efficiency of accounting processes as a result of automation and digitisation.
  • Provision of the accounting services in accordance with the established KPIs and SLA.
  • Working in line with the schedule.
  • Process analysis as well as creation of process maps and adhering to them.
  • Support from a team of specialists with extensive knowledge and experience.
  • Support from a coordinator who oversees the cooperation and ensures the proper execution of the agreement.
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