Accounting services

An efficient and properly functioning accounting department facilitates the company’s proper functioning, builds financial and operational liquidity, and improves the enterprise’s competitive position. However, it requires quite a bit of experience and knowledge regarding financial and accounting scope, laws, and tax regulations.

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What do accounting services entail?

Put your accounting in the hands of professionals. We have been working for companies and institutions of various sizes for over a dozen years: from non-profit organizations and small businesses to listed capital groups. We book all economic operations, prepare periodical reports and financial statements. We ensure continuity of the acquired processes according to the concluded SLAs and agreed KPIs. We streamline the service using process management, document digitization, automation, and OCR technologies. Our employees are competent and knowledgeable in accounting, taxation, and process management.

OCR in accounting

Using OCR to read documents will provide faster and more timely accounting services. Specialist support in the process of document verification and handling guarantees data accuracy and elimination of errors.


What are the benefits of OCR in accounting?

  • automatic invoice recognition
  • self-improvement of the system
  • developing Big Data with supplier information
  • intuitive use of data verification applications
  • can be used for types of documents, e.g., stock documents, personnel files, surveys, financial reports, trade agreements
  • multiple options for document delivery: API, FTP, mailbox
  • integration with RPA, LM, BPM, ERP systems
  • numerous file formats available (input/output)

Your benefits

Efficient accounting processes

Digitization of documentation

Reduced business risks

Business partner support

Reduction of service costs (staff, system)

Guarantee of data security

Case study

The situation at the beginning:

A client from the service industry who processes a large volume of accounting documents, such as bank statements to be posted. They handle the accounting processes in a traditional way with high labor intensity – without implementing technological solutions to streamline the processes. Additional challenges for the client included staffing shortages of accounting professionals, many unscheduled ad-hoc tasks, increasing document volumes, and the need to adapt to new market standards in the modern services industry, where the use of RPA is becoming increasingly common.



  • implementation of RPA technology, which accelerated and streamlined the accounting process
  • use of MT940 files and PDFs – electronic and digital versions of bank statements

Benefits for the client:

  • reduced involvement of employees in accounting services – freeing up 40% of staff resources in processing bank statements
  • shorter posting time – from 3 working days from the receipt of the statement before implementing the improvements, to max. 1 day after their launch
  • reduced accounting errors and claims to 0.01% (reason: exceptions)
  • employees can specialize in other accounting areas, thanks to relief from monotonous tasks

What makes us stand out?

  • Experience in handling large, listed entities
  • Process approach to services
  • Practice in implementing new technologies in back-office support – automation, OCR
  • A team of product experts – with experience and expertise
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