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The modern business world is based on information. Key data contained in documents are essential for strategic decision-making and market success. We offer document archiving services to help you improve the management of this valuable asset.

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What does the archiving of documents entail?

Document archiving is a process which involves indexing, organising and storing documents in such a way as to ensure that they are easily accessible, secure, collected in accordance with current legislation and protected against the negative effects of external factors. Document archiving services can be provided either at our head office or at the client’s premises.

How is the archiving of documents done in the company?


archiwizacja dokumentów


Why is it important to archive accounting documents and other files?

Information security


The archiving of documents guarantees the security of information as well as the protection against loss or damage. We store original documents in conditions that ensure prevention of loss or destruction. We guarantee compliance of the service with the requirements of Quality Management Systems. In addition, we hold the following certificates: ISO 9001:2015 and the Information Security Certificate in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.

Legal compliance


Many business sectors are covered by specific legal requirements in regard to the storage of documentation. The access to documents is essential from the point of view of the audits to which companies are subject. Professional archiving of documents facilitates the compliance with such regulations and ensures protection against possible consequences.

Cost optimisation


Archiwizacja dokumentów pozwala ograniczyć koszty związane z zatrudnianiem archiwistów, magazynowaniem i zabezpieczaniem zasobów po stronie klienta. Tworzymy model archiwizacji dokumentów dostosowany do indywidualnych potrzeb Twojej firmy. Każdy dokument jest precyzyjnie sklasyfikowany i zindeksowany, co ułatwia jego późniejsze odnalezienie. 

For which recipients is the document archiving service intended?

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Jakie korzyści zapewnia archiwizacja dokumentacji?

Organizing the company's paper stock

More efficient and productive organization of work with documents

Complete data security with document access control

Guarantee of working with a professional partner - a team of experienced archivists

Our experts

Bartosz Dąbrowski IBSBartosz Dabrowski, director of records management


Is responsible for customer service and the development of document management services. He supervises specialized departments in Wroclaw and Lodz, where digitization and archiving centers are located. He has managed a number of implementation projects awarded with numerous industry accolades.




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