Digitisation of documents

Digitisation of company documentation makes it possible to convert paper documents into electronic form – together with data descriptions and the option to make document images available online. This process not only streamlines the handling and circulation of documents within the company, but also facilitates storing this resource in a secure form and creating backup copies. Any document resource (e.g. personal files, VAT invoices or logistics documents) can be digitised.

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Efficient digitisation of documents

We offer a document digitisation service, i.e. the conversion of paper documents into electronic form. This process involves not only the scanning of documents but also the indexation of files which enables further use of resources by IT systems, e.g. SAP. As a result, the flow of documents within the company becomes more efficient and the storage of documents takes place in a secured manner, with the possibility of creating backup copies.

We have the technology and equipment necessary to digitise documents of differing quality and in various formats. At the further stages of the process, the prepared digital files can be imported into the financial and accounting systems of our clients, thus creating a complete a complete system of managing data together with electronic attachments.

We guarantee compliance of the service with the requirements of Quality Management Systems. In addition, we hold the following certificates: ISO 9001:2015 and the Information Security Certificate in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.

How does the digitization of documents proceed?


digitalizacja dokumentów

Why is it important to digitise documentation?

Reduction of storage costs and space


The process of replacing paper documents with their digital versions frees up office space and allows you to use it more efficiently. Digitisation can be combined with a storage service, which involves entrusting your company’s paper resources for storage in a professional warehouse. Their digital versions will be made available to authorised people for review or further work-related activities.


Improved work organisation


Any paper resource can be digitised: agreements, invoices, reports, employee records, etc. This process facilitates the exchange of documents and information between employees working in a remote or hybrid model. At the same time, digitisation enables the implementation of an electronic circulation of information so that all operations involving documents can be carried out also remotely, from outside the company. The time required to handle documents will also be reduced, which will improve the efficiency of the tasks performed.

Data security


Digitisation makes it possible to protect original documents. The creation of electronic copies guarantees protection against unintentional destruction or unauthorised access. Digital resources are stored in a digital archive, which can only be used by authorised persons on the basis of assigned access rights.


Who is the digitization service for?


klienci Impel

Benefits for your company:

savings in respect of time and space;




reduced paper consumption and environmental footprint;

facilitated access to data;




data security – through backup copies and access control;

streamlined document workflow;



integration of digital files with financial and accounting systems.


Our experts

Bartosz Dąbrowski IBSBartosz Dabrowski, director of records management


Is responsible for customer service and the development of document management services. He supervises specialized departments in Wroclaw and Lodz, where digitization and archiving centers are located. He has managed a number of implementation projects awarded with numerous industry accolades.



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