Storage of documents

The number of company documents is ever-increasing. Agreements, invoices, reports, official letters, etc. – they all contain company data that need to be secured. In addition, the law requires companies to store many of these documents for a long period of time. The storage of documents can be outsourced to a professional company, which will take care of the organisation of paper resources and facilitate access to the information contained therein, while ensuring that the collected data are completely secure.

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Secure storage of documents

At Impel Business Solutions Sp. z o.o., we offer a comprehensive document storage service which constitutes an indispensable part of the effective document management within your company. Our specialised team takes care of every stage of the storage process, ensuring that your documents are stored in a secure and efficient manner.

Additional services:

  • Document scanning “on request” – so that you can access electronic copies of your documents at any time.
  • Ongoing document handling – we provide a professional document handling service, which includes management of actions such as receipt, release, return and possible weeding. All activities involving documentation are carefully recorded in the system in order to ensure full control over the document workflow.


The storage of documents is carried out in line with the requirements of Quality Management Systems. In addition, we hold the following certificates: ISO 9001:2015 and the Information Security Certificate in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2017 standard.

How does document storage work?


przechowywanie dokumentów

Why is it important to store documents?

Planned storage proces


At each stage of the documentation handover, we prepare delivery and acceptance protocols in sealed packaging. We collect documents directly from your company and transport them to our specially adapted warehouse, which meets the highest security standards. Then, the documents are registered in the system and assigned unique barcodes. Finally, a list of documents under our care is drawn up for you, so that you can easily track and find them in the future.

Security and control


We store documents at our high-bay warehouse, which is located within the restricted-access logistics centre protected by a monitoring system – the centre is closely supervised and monitored by means of a CCTV system. The warehouse also features air humidity and temperature measurement systems, which guarantee appropriate conditions for storing documents. As part of fire safety measures, the warehouse has been equipped with an automatic fire prevention system.

Organisation of documentation


The documents handed over for storage need to be organised and secured. By doing so, it is possible to systematise knowledge about the entire pool of stored documents, collect them on schedule and make them available in the future. Only authorised persons have access to documents, which enables full understanding of the information flow within your company.

Who uses the document storage service?


klienci Impel

What are the benefits of document storage?

Freeing up space at your premises.

Securing company documentation – creating backup copies and controlling access to documents.

Ensuring optimal storage conditions.

Optimising storage costs – periodic review of documents in respect of the expiry of their storage period.

Our experts

Bartosz Dąbrowski IBSBartosz Dabrowski, director of records management

Is responsible for customer service and the development of document management services. He supervises specialized departments in Wroclaw and Lodz, where digitization and archiving centers are located. He has managed a number of implementation projects awarded with numerous industry accolades.

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