Employee Benefit Fund outsourcing

Today, benefits are important to employees – the more, the merrier. They increase staff satisfaction and loyalty. These benefits are handled through the Employee Benefit Fund. It must be appointed by employers who employ at least 50 full-time employees. Other companies can establish the fund voluntarily.

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What does Employee Benefit Fund outsourcing entail?

The Employee Benefit Fund handling involves a specific amount paid by the employer that can be used in numerous ways to benefit the employee and their family. Activities may include, for example:

  • leisure
  • cultural and educational, as well as sports and recreational activities
  • childcare (nurseries, kindergartens, children’s clubs, day care clubs, other forms of pre-school education)
  • benefits
  • material assistance

We have been providing extensive HR support for years and handling the Employee Benefit Fund is an additional help for entrepreneurs. We take over the entire management and administration of the Employee Benefit Fund. We provide an IT system along with a web-based application, which allows us to handle the benefits included in our clients’ terms and conditions in a fast and secure manner.
We assist in the creation of compliant workplace rules and regulations, as well as provide payroll and HR services as needed.

Your benefits


and control of the budget spent

Speed and convenience

for the employees – constant access to applications 365/7/24

Access to dedicated

reports for the client

Cost optimization

and time savings

Specialist support

for financial-accounting and legal issues

What makes us stand out?

  • We are the only company on the market to comprehensively manage social benefit funds with access to a cafeteria platform


  • 20 years of experience in handling HR processes


  • We are green – eliminating paper documents
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