HR and payroll services

HR and payroll in a company is a susceptible area – requiring timely and meticulous handling, as it is reflected directly in employee satisfaction. It results from timely payment of wages or accrual of salary supplements. It is worth putting proven solutions and experienced specialists in this area first.

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What does the
HR and payroll service entail?

We provide full HR and payroll services by taking over the HR and payroll responsibilities of the entrepreneur, allowing them to focus on core business objectives. We ensure that activities are performed timely and compliant with applicable laws and regulations. We help minimize risks, support during authority audits, and ensure constant communication.

You can choose a cooperation model that is optimal for your company:

  • HR and payroll service – comprehensive takeover of personnel and payroll processes
  • shared service – execution of payroll processes and granting access to HR tools (SAP, ERP, or Impuls EVO) to support HR processes by the client’s employees
  • payroll service – outsourcing of payroll processes on the SAP or Impuls EVO system

We provide services for numerous HR processes – from hiring the employee and calculating their salary to handling HR documentation and many additional services supporting the management of this area, such as reporting, HR controlling or an e-personal file.

HR and payroll services are a range of ancillary services for your business:

  • handling subsidies to salaries of disabled people (SOD)
  • contact center for employees
  • employee portal
  • e-worker 24
  • e-reporting
  • personnel file audit
  • Employee Capital Plans (PPK) Premium
  • e-personal file
  • archiving and organizing documents

Your benefits

Guarantee of timeliness

and continuity of implemented processes

Dedicated coordinator

and a team of HR and payroll specialists

Access to tools

platforms, applications

Individual approach

KPIs and flexible terms of cooperation

Optimization of FTE

and costs

Data security

Reduced operational risks

Case study

Situation at the beginning

An industrial client employing 300 people was struggling with long wage calculation and errors occurring within the process. An additional obstacle was the lack of a modern system for HR and payroll services and the lack of a sufficient number of HR specialists to ensure fluency of service in this area.



  • taking over payroll services and optimizing the process
  • implementing an automated process for entering data – elimination of errors in calculations
  • providing access to the HR support system – without having to purchase one
  • ongoing counseling and support from an HR and payroll expert

Benefits for the client:
• financial savings due to reduced payroll calculation time by as much as 30%
• streamlining of the payroll process through implementation of data entry automation
• saved costs for the purchase, updating and maintenance of an HR and payroll system
• reduced business risks – absenteeism of HR employees, errors in payroll calculation, errors in interpretation of regulations, confidentiality of payroll

What makes us stand out?


  • Affordability – at least 30% less than traditional service
  • Optimization of collaborative processes (robotization, digitalization)
  • Specialized service teams (e.g., SOD, e-personnel file)
  • Dedicated account manager
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